Collection: Part 1



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I design this building can be rotated on every floor, because I use the middle is a thick cylinder, is a transparent glass elevator. Because each floor can be rotated, you can see the city in all directions, so the ground floor may be high. Every layer of rotation can also be stopped at any time, different locations, architectural shapes are not the same, so this is also a changing architecture. The top is the tourist layer, so it will be used around the glass effect. Because no matter what the location of each layer of the building to stay, is reflected in a sense of twisting, the process of rotation is also in line with the theme of movement.

There had been thought around the building in the form of twisting around the bottom of the building to the top of the building, and this made of plastic, which I wanted to plant plants and other green. But later considering the inconvenience of the user, so I gave up this .



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Here are some details of every layer of the building I made.


the process of making the building

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I was really nervous when I first came into contact with a large machine, sometimes I wondered if I could cut my hand and the like. In fact, the first step in doing things is the most difficult, when I started to touch a variety of machines, I felt that doing something was actually a very interesting thing. As more and more operations, the use of machines had become more and more skilled.



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  • My initial idea was to combine the turquoise swing and the world 'Twist' to make the whole twisted building.


Write about 5 things that you learnt from the lecture.

  • Chose a professional must be interested in our own, could not force themselves for other reasons and forced to choose.
  • Many designers had many kinds of different styles, but had their own characteristics. Design time did not blindly imitate, to learn to have their own characteristics and ideas.
  • To learn to appreciate different kinds of designers, even if they did not the designers we appreciated , but also learning to learn their excellent place. For example, the teacher gave us some designer works, such as Richard Long's 'Line made by walking'. For me, I thought this was a very ordinary photography, many people could do. Later, I carefully observed, I found his composition, his framing,his light and so on were particularly beautiful, not accidentally could be photographed, needed to be very carefully observed.
  • I think the idea was very important, a good idea was equal to the success of this work half.
  • When we did research and reflection, we must have summary of oneself one day, good finish that we finished, and where we needed improvement.

What was your experience of the quick model making?

Each time of fast model was about a quarter of an hour, simply could not do the details. So I thought that the rapid model was mainly to the outer contours and probably the ideas of performance, the main performance of their own design model of the biggest features.

How have you decided which route to follow on the project brief?

I thought it was very important that how to implement my ideas in a three-dimensional pattern in addition to the ideas and the whole design around the chosen word. So I would follow this way and how to better expressed my thoughts.

How will you interpret+explore movement in your work?

Because I chose the word 'Twist', except for my favorite works for David Fisher's architects, I thought the word was particularly sporty. I would do a twisted shape of the building, and did as much as I might in each layer of different thickness of the case of rotation, including the stairs I would probably be reflected in the form of twist.

What kind of primary+secondary research is your design inspired by?

My design inspiration first came from David Fisher's design work, and secondly because of a dynamic infection of the plants. When I conducted in-depth study found that the dynamic very viable, so I was prepared to combine the different forms of twisting to express my building.

23 Oct.


Graphic Communication Design,SITE SPECIFIC TYPE

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I chose the word light. At that time thought of the word because the word made me feel very warm, I decided to use the sun on the window of the two sides of the corner of the connection to complete the word design. I had wanted to choose the kind of material to shine on behalf of the sun, very unfortunately did not buy. The teacher also suggested that I could use another kind of material to reflect the light to replace. So I was not the material I thought of the above with a yellow transparent cardboard cut into a short paragraph to reflect the sun to the four places the idea of radiation.


Graphic Communication, LOST LETTERS

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At that time to get 'A 'letter was actually no idea, because it was particularly slender, I did not even know how to add content into. I changed a train of thought, I put it down, suddenly thought of the crocodile's mouth, the crocodile's mouth was very large. So I thought this idea was very creative to take, of course, finally I painted a very cute crocodile, I like the lovely things.


Graphic Communication, LOST LETTERS

In the morning, the teacher introduced to us some works on graphic design, including how to use limited graphics, how to transform graphics, how to skillfully combine graphics and ideas. From the teacher's random letter to think of 15 ideas, was printed in the letter of paper creation and design, could be any graphics. In fact, when I got the big letter A in the paper, the brain was blank, even an idea could not think of. Later, I looked at the letter, and no longer confined to a building or a road, could be used to eat animals and so on. For a point of view, I found that there would be many gains.

I thought of using A as a piece of bread, and then superimposed, thought A is a bridge, thought A is part of the highway, thought A is the crocodile's mouth. Finally, I chose the crocodile's mouth to design, I think this idea was relatively new, did something very cute, I loved it.

I used my half-hour time to draw my idea with a transparent paper, and for the sake of clarity, I used a black pen to hook the graphics outline. And then about 15 minutes to the red part of the carved down to copy, the same part of the black. All printed sunny, with red and black cardboard cut collage. In fact, today's idea I was satisfied.

After all done, I also observed the completion of other students, I found that everyone's ideas were not the same, the style was very different, but were very interesting. Some very simple but very clever, some very complicated, full of side were patterns. Which had a network that was very interesting, the letter was O, painted two expressions were very exaggerated, the letter O was one of the eyes.

Different angles, different performance methods could be the same theme of a very good interpretation. So, the design was no boundaries.

10 Oct.



Graphic Communication Design,POETIC CARDBOARD


The teacher today gave us one word, divided into two groups of different attributes of the word, and then  two members from different two groups to combine a group and discuss the theme and design.My word was psychological, and the other member of the same group was fabric. We decided to use different fabrics in different lights to show people's feelings on the heart. Such as sunshine and warm places in the white cloth on behalf of the people on behalf of the warmth of the heart. We were through the different fabrics on the corner of the stairs, the sun was under the window, cloudy wire and so on to the performance of mental activity.


the comments from other group members


Fine Art,Tuesday

With 15 items that might be collected and needed to find inspiration in a limited space. I had been not very satisfied with the hand yesterday, looking for another theme to study.

Occasionally saw my right hand on the back of the mole, suddenly found the shape of the mole are not the same, and the depth of different, after the enlargement of the inside of the subtle structure was very nice, but also very attractive to me. So I decisively abandoned the discussion on a topic, ready to study the mole. I found that due to different lights, moles in the light of the projection and image was not the same, the angle of the different also affected the mole. I collected some of the different angles and lights of the mole, got the image so that I was satisfied. After zooming in, I found that every part of the mole was not the same, and the shape was cute.

Through the study of various aspects of moles, I intended to do a three-dimensional works to express it. I used brown paper as the bones, the above bright lines as the fibers between the skin and the bones. With black rubber mud to squeeze out the shape of a variety of moles to highlight them.

I would print the pictures down, and I would paint next to the printed images next to the study and analysis. I now thought that in order to collect something good, must have a strong ability to observe and analyze. Through this class, I found that there are many kinds of knowledge collected in the above, to the same kind or nature of things to compare and develop. Able to grasp the essence, the same place and the different places in a limited condition.

3 Oct.


Fashion & Textiles,Your Interpretation

In the morning, teacher let the students voluntarily make models to the rest of the students to draw. Models were two for a combination of their own with each other with clothes, and with the catwalk after the walk, a rotation one. The rest of the students were painting below in the specified short time, and the teacher would let us use a variety of methods to draw. At noon, the teacher let us watch other people's works, and learned from each other some good aspects of others. In the afternoon, some of the original things to develop a good look, to adjust.

Tell the truth, because this morning the teachers asked us to use a variety of ways to express the body shape and clothing feeling, including the use of a variety of materials. Because before I had painted the clothing and related things, the first attempt to use so many ways to draw. The beginning of the time was some rush, the back was also a lot better.

In fact, I think, in the fashion and textiles courses thatI feel that I needed a lot of ideas and wanted to deny and develop over and over again, these courses were a great opportunity for me to learn and exercise.

28 Sep.


Fashion & Textiles, Your Data


Today, the formation of these patterns were from the morning the teacher asked us in a short time with a variety of ways to draw out the things we brought after the hollow box paper cut out. Maybe I preferred the pattern of complex patterns, so the interception was not very simple pattern. If you want to use in the clothes above, simple and clear pattern might be better.


Fashion & Textiles,Your surroundings

We went to kings cross today to learn fashion design, I thought the most challenging one problem was time constraints. For a half hour to draw 10 pages of paper structure or the shapes of the buildings were my challenge . I had never tried to draw a series of patterns with various materials or individual expressions. I saw from the exchanges with other students of their thought, which was where I need to learn. I used to design a series of graphics was used that was often one or two kinds of materials and forms of expressions, and now I were changing, each kind of material to draw the texture was also different, from which could see which kind of textiles was the most suitable.

I used color lead, toner, crayons, marker pen, pencil, pen, gouache and watercolor as the basic material for my drawing. Among them, my favorite things were pencil, pen and watercolor. Pencils could be shallow and shallow,l could visually show a variety of different textures. Painting pens to draw the lines were relatively small,l should focus on the performance of overlapping feelings, and watercolor was more transparent and clean, so I looked very comfortable

And then we chose from the drawing of the architectural drawings of their favorite geometric shapes. In the group cooperation, everyone in the composition of all the members of the group to draw their own choice of geometry, from the upstairs was very shocking.

We copied several geometries to a large piece of paper and cut it off. By two students to cooperate with these cut down the geometric graphics to each other to produce a paper dress. The students who wore paper clothes were models,and the other person listened to the teacher's required paintings to write models in different forms.

I thought my biggest problem should be time. Because time was not enough, I could not want to express the graphics to express it, which I had to improve later. I now knew that the design of things without limitations, did their best to think, to experiment, to develop.

25th Sep.





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Today's class was very interesting, probably because it was my favorite course. It was interesting to build a building model with bamboo sticks, especially in a variety of ways. I was looking forward to designing some interior design inside.
I think the charm of architecture for me is that it is silent music, is a silent statement, is the historical and cultural background. A simple series of lines of appearance may represent an era of change and heritage.It is very shocking and attractive for me.



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What I did was the headdress and jeans, mainly to headdress. I had adopted the scattered around the scattered lines to suit for the theme 'surrounding', scattered lines around the representative of the meaning of self-protection and defense. I used the semi-surrounded way to cover the eyes, to the soul of the world feel the truth and beauty and fake, evil, ugly.


the comments on 'Three Words'Project


'The Three Words'Project

How did the visualization process evolve the idea?

Firstly,l divided the whole idea into a part, and then did the each part of the study and changed them, and finally to form a whole. Because from the paper to draw out are flat works, it should be made into a three-dimensional need for a practical consideration. I would do it from the material, the limitations of space to consider how to successfully transform the idea into a finished product.

Explain the role of both primary and secondary research in the development of your idea?

For my first study, I first painted the original sketch, and with the initial stereotypes. The second time, I carried out the expansion, combined with the actual, and gradually improved my ideas, while reading some of the books on the subject.

How successful was your group's presentation?How could it have been improved?

I think our group speech was successful, everyone had a different idea for this subject. We had been discussed and inspired each other.If there is a similar group discussion next time, I think our team members can do a series of finished products, we can discuss an idea together. I think it's a great idea.At the same time, I also think that the panel discussion is a very important thing, the next time I should be more strongly discussed with the members of the group.

15th Sep.



'The Three Words'Project

The three words:




What did l expects?

I expect new feelings from this subject to have new ideas through continuous investigation and be able to change my previous thoughts.

What happened?

After getting the three words of the subject, I tried to find the link between them and planned a reasonable program to combine them. But I found that if this program made 3D products. Some parts of the contact are flawed.

How was working in a group?

Because our team is from different countries, so I think the exchange is a very important thing.First of all, as a member of the team,l should have a sense of responsibility. Secondly,l should try our best to express our own views. Different countries have different cultural backgrounds, and the starting point for something is different, so that l should listen carefully to the ideas of others.

What do l think?

For this project, I will first think about how to link these three words. I think one of the most important elements is the research, and then divergent thinking. I will be doing things combine the plane and three-dimensional together and draw a lot of sketches.

(How to search useful information?)

By reading a large number of related books and try our best to discuss with group members, but also can communicate with the teacher.

What do l think should go in sketch book?

I think that in the sketch book I should reflect all my thoughts and processes. Regardless of whether the idea is reasonable, whether the process can eventually make the finished product, should be written,because this is a process of their own thinking.

What did l do?

I was more familiar with this semester of the course plan, and afternoon l discussed with classmates about the research,development and brainstorming of the first project.

What do l think of the brief?

I think the most important thing to do for the project is to set the core of the subject,  to dig deeper and discuss with others.

What am l worried about?Why?

I am worried about the idea of ​​this project. Because I think a good idea and the entry point will make this  with life and have their own ideas.

What am l looking forward to?Why?

I am looking forward to the final finished products and more interesting projects, and I also hope that l can communicate with more people from different countries. Because it will let me get more knowledge and the fun of art.

11th Sep.



Today, I mainly saw the works of all 3D classmates for these two weeks. The deepest feeling was that I find that all people, despite the same theme, have very different ideas. Everyone explained the theme from a different perspective, and used a lot of other things for fulling work. No matter what kind of majors, I found that there was a place to learn from each other.

There were a lot of ideas that were very interesting. At the same time, I had also made a lot of study while visiting other people's works, and made me feel the place to be improved later. In many cases, I would find finished products and after drawing done on the sketch design, there were some different points. Perhaps because I designed a part of some difficult things to achieve so could not be well expressed, and made a small part of the finished product was different. I would try my best to make the finished product consistent with the design drawings, including I would be more accurate and careful.

In future works, I will also give due consideration to the interior design of the building, including the location of each floor and how to divide the interior of each floor, which I will do more carefully to make people quickly and clearly What is the meaning of what I want to express.

2nd Nov.



The building I made was suitable for building a place for office in the financial center, or the main building of a high-level residential area, or a multi-storey restaurant. I thought the most suitable one should be the financial center's tourist complex. Because I designed this building could be rotated on every floor, because I used the middle was a thick cylinder, was a transparent glass elevator. Because each floor could be rotated, you could see the city in all directions, so the ground floor might be high. Every layer of rotation could also be stopped at any time, different locations, architectural shapes were not the same, so this was also a changing architecture. The top was the tourist layer, so it would be used around the glass effect. Because no matter what the location of each layer of the building to stay, was reflected in a sense of twisting, the process of rotation was also in line with the theme of movement. One of my thoughts was that it could be used as a marine hotel on the seabed, but I would change the material in this way, and I would use water resistant materials. Of course, we needed to consider oxygen and human fitness, although I liked this thought, but in reality it would cost a lot of time to operate.

Compared with the previous sample works, I thought my idea was more complete, works were more beautiful, finished products could basically show the meaning of wanting to express. I felt that in the process of doing was actually a continuous improvement process, I was very happy to learn a lot in this subject.

I like wood in terms of materials used, because I always feel that wood is warmer than metal. I think the first thing to consider when designing a piece of work is the user's feeling of whether the user is satisfied with this.

31st Oct.



I had determined that the use of wood as the basis of my subject material, other materials were still under consideration. After a series of investigation and development ideas, I decided to create a similar part of the building outside the building. I thought this not only increased the beauty of the building, but also allowed people in the building part of the place to feel the hazy feeling.

I always feel that wood gives people a warm feeling compared to other materials, and is relatively light and relatively easy to carry. At the same time, in order to be able to fit my chosen word, every single building I made would be uneven on the same level, not tidy, and I would wind it from the attic with some transparent material, both of which would echo the theme "twist". Maybe I would plant plants in this layer of transparent material, or just for viewing.

This week I collected some buildings or sculptures on my subject from magazines and newspapers. Each designer's ideas were very different, although some were the same theme, even the same environment, the same use, you could also design completely different buildings. At first, I like architecture because every building was different, all had their own vitality, they continued to bring me an endless shock. What's more, in each era, the buildings to which it belonged would have the flavor of the times because of the specific circumstances of the time. In addition to this form of distortion, I also found inspiration from the seagrass, this even though the distortion was still full of elegant feeling that I wanted to express the feeling this time.

After nearly a week of research and sample exercises, I found that there was some discrepancy between the final object and the building I originally thought. I was ready to make further adjustments in the coming days and strived for the best solution that could be done in all aspects. I would do some sample first to imagine where it would be better to put some changes in the architectural styling to become more attractive and more three-dimensional. Then I would make a further adjustment at the same time in the workshop. According to the actual situation and in the reality of the degree of implementation of my work completed.

For the theme of movement, I would show it by twisting and rotating this dynamic. Each floor of the building could rotate and could be combined into a variety of different building forms. In the process from dynamic to static, the shape of the building always stayed in the twisting state during the static state. This was the effect I hope I could reach.

30th Oct.



Today the teacher explained to us how to do A2 portfolio sheets.l got a lot of knowledge.There were a lot of difference between the sketchbook and design sheets.The sketchbook was usually less formal, less structured and more expressive than a portfolio sheet.The sketchbook was where l learned to use my visual language, where l experimented with sketches, images and materials alongside ideas.And there were three types of design sheets:Research Sheets, Idea Development Sheets, Final Design Sheets.

Today's class made me really aware of the difference between the portfolio sheets and sketchbook. l thought that the content in the sketchbook could be more casual, all thought could be presented in the above. A2 portfolio sheets could be said to be more refined than sketchbook.

For today's improvement and development of the ideas, I always felt that the design of the building map was not perfect, the specific implementation of the time might not be appropriate. The idea of development when I could not achieve the kind of effect, very upset. Maybe I would design the interior into a conical shape, the external use of a similar effect of the door to achieve the effect about the shadow as the effect.

In fact, I originally intended to connect several buildings together. Considered today, I found that if I had done several buildings, it would seem tedious, and I could not express myself very well, especially when the model was made, would others not know what they wanted the correct meaning of expression. So I decided to make a building, but each floor of the building was rotated, and the whole was a distorted shape. I hope my model could basically show my own ideas.

26th Oct.



I chose the word 'twist' as the subject of my project, and I always felt that twisting and spinning were very lifelike movements, and I felt that spinning would make me feel fantastic. Today, I wanted to develop ten ideas for my chosen subject, which I considered from the appearance of the building, the internal structure, the surroundings, the aesthetics, and so on, and also my design should be suitable for the theme.

In fact, I did not want to start in the end how to design, and sometimes the design was too complicated, it was difficult to do it, sometimes too simple. In addition to the building to have ideas, some details of the part was to be very strict, and the sketch could only be some ideas to expand.

Later I decided to connect together with several buildings, which could be merged and separated, and the exterior of the building was twisted. But I found that this form of building was not very good implementation of the building itself should have some value, I would be re-transformation in the future.

Maybe for the first time since I was working on a project for two weeks on a major, I had no experience in many ways. After getting the subject of the subject, it was also very troublesome in the end which word to start from would be better. How to clearly express my own thoughts on the subject was a very important issue that I should think later.

24th Oct.



Graphic Communication Design,SITE SPECIFIC TYPE

Today we had to do on the font design, could be a word, it could be a lot of words composed of sentences, pasted in a variety of places for deformation and combination. But also could use the surrounding space or light to change the word to bring our feelings, a variety of 3D items could also be used.

To tell the truth, I did not have much interest in font design, felt that was a little boring. In my impression, the font design is nothing more than the deformation of the font, and then add some elements into, but also to see the shape of the font. But today's course made me feel that the font design could also be more fun, you could design fonts in a variety of places, with a variety of materials, as long as you could think of can. I was most impressed by a classmate in the toilet cover on the font design, very interesting. A day was still happy, although l was not interested in this course, but I learned a lot. Always feel that art is interlinked, the font design can also be combined with my favorite architectural design, maybe there will be new discoveries and insights.

12 Oct.



When I was very young, I was interested in architecture. Really attracted by the building when it was in 2010. That year Shanghai held the Expo, the various venues of the design of a wide variety, there were many very interesting and beautiful, so I could not move away, this time I deeply felt the charm of the building.

Today there was a workshop on the 3D, I was very happy with this opportunity to have access to how to operate some machines, how to make some 3D works. At first, we entered the operating room about the pottery, when I saw the teacher with water and clay together, hand stirring after showing a sticky state, I felt very magical. I was shocked by the jewelry and construction studio, the first time I saw how to make a more realistic architectural model of the required machines, but also to see a lot of easy to operate could be made of wood or stainless steel any bending or combination. This lesson has benefited me a lot.

Operating room was not big, but fully equipped. I could not wait to try to use these machines to do some 3D works. Very lucky to be here to study, I could learn too much.

11 Oct.


Graphic Communication Design,POETIC CARDBOARD

How does a design context change the nature of our work?

The difference in design background leads to the difference in the nature of our work. If the nature of the design in different backgrounds of the same nature, will lead to one of the two become very bad. For example, today our design background is the interrelationship between the two words, what kind of words for what kind of design and work nature. For example, my word today is fabric and psychological, it must include cloth or clothes, the form of expression should be suitable for this.
How might we evaluate the success of our work?

I thought a comment on whether a successful job should be from a few aspects: their assessment of the degree of completion, their satisfaction with the work of others, the evaluation of the work of the other, the teacher's evaluation, and so many aspects of the synthesis.

What potential role or function might this work have outside of this project?

I think this work can be used as a shooting model or some workplace background map, can also be a number of shooting occasions props. Because I think the cloth flying up there is a feeling of flying Qingyi, especially the United States.

How did our own lives and experiences inform our work?

To be honest, my social experience was not much. In my current social experience, I put the cloth and the surrounding background together, including the sun's angle and so on to express the mood, the more sun like some more mood.

What did l learn from the success and failures of others?

We were doing the process as I also saw other groups of students to do things. Some of the groups' ideas were very new, after seeing it suddenly felt the original angle for the two words that could be, for example, they cut out a variety of cartons in the shape of the other collage, I thought this was a very good idea. And the idea of the group was very spectacular, but it was difficult to implement, and finally only one. The idea that best suited your team was the best.

Today, our two words were fabric and psychological, we discussed later that through a variety of materials showed the psychological changes in people, would use a strong change in the sun to reflect. Such as when the sun was enough to shoot the words, people would feel very warm, very calm. When the weather was cold, according to the words, would reflect the mood was not good.

9 Oct.


Fine Art,Thursday

What about your theme?

My main concern was about moles,to investigate the changes in friction and reaction between the body and nature.I had always felt that the mole was naturally brought to our product, I could not choose the existence of the mole on the body. Have seen before, the size of the nevus and the location of the different, would be a certain extent affect people's bad luck, do not know was not true, but let me have a great interest in the mole. I would like to explore the beauty of the shape of the mole and the repeated arrangement of the moles to give a strong impact.

How did it go?

I had collected a lot of different moles before, and I wanted to draw some of their more obvious structures down to compare. And with the body's bones, fibers and blood linked together to enhance their three-dimensional effect. At first I did not expect to associate the moles with the rehearsal combination, and the other members of the group suggested that I had the idea of improving them.

Why is good?Why is bad?

I think I studied this theme was a very good choice, because I think this theme would choose very few people, more innovative. And I think that it was also a good idea to link a lot of elements together, and although these things were not related to the surface, I think they were inextricably linked and could be more full.I think I can put them for another way together, without losing just a 3d work. I think I am not enough to reflect the shape of the mole is not enough?

What am l going to do about it?

I will enhance the senses of the shock, the work of a good summary of this. I would have liked to think about how to better link the elements together.

6 Oct.



Fine Art,Tuesday


These were my classmates agreed with the students from different students to collect the mole, the shapes of the color characteristics were not the same size, including the lines were also carefully observe some of the lines on the nevi was really beautiful, neat, and some though Chaotic but distorted very characteristic, reminded me of a building nest, maybe I could use some of the characteristics of the moles to design some of buildings.


Fine Art,Monday

WechatIMG100.jpeg    WechatIMG101.jpeg    WechatIMG102.jpeg


Occasionally in a way out to eat, seeing a lot of neat things, it was a sense of picture. I found that as long as the usual attention on the road ,you could find so many useful things and we could add them into the sketchbooks and projects,as long as you had eyes that would find beautiful things.


Fine Art,Monday

What has been collected?

I went to school to find inspiration. I found many overlapping interesting things. Supermarkets arranged neatly yogurt, the floor of the floor, the floor of the stripes, some of the above stripes, including the glass above the overlapping pattern. I love this feeling of great impact,the lines and overlaps as my idea to collect. In fact, before I had intended to collect all kinds of people's hands as my theme,I found that everyone's hand is roughly the same, in the visual effect is not strong.And l have another idea is that l can collect the different moles of the human body.
What media has been employed to present the collection?

 I think it can be through the photo, voice, video, painting, collage, made of 3D works and other forms of expression.

What methodology has been used to organize the collection?

Because there was many students in my class, so I decided to take the consent of the students after taking some of the students as my collection of hands.

What is being revealed though the collection?

I use the hands as the subject of my collection, is to show that everyone's hand is not the same, there are a variety of texture and skin. I would like to investigate the different skin structures by investigating different people's hands.

Has context of individual things been altered by being in the collection?

For my personal collection of things there are used to collect my theme inside, such as shiny lines, there are similar kraft paper napkins, and the first line can be squeezed out the shape of the mud. But there are some is not on, more pity.

Can you imagine what process(es) have been undertaken during collecting?

I will first want to collect what the hands look like, including the depth of the skin. In fact, before I go to eat the way to collect some overlapping lines and regular objects. There is an idea is to put these and the texture of the hands together to integrate and research.

How might this collection be presented differently?

Might be in the form of 2d and might also be reflected in the form of 3d. And I would paint the combination of pictures for development and combination.I might be from the skin, bones or texture to start, rather than the general size from the hand or the hands of the dark or white to show.

I may be from the skin, bones or texture to start, rather than the general size from the hand or the hands of the dark white to show.

How did your collection change over the day?

I had wanted to take some place on the line where the lines were overlapping or regular. Later, I saw the students a variety of hands to change their minds, collected some of the students in different positions of the hand, that was also very interesting.

What was successful?What was not successful?Why?

I think the success was that I could study from a variety of hands and texture, and found the lines overlap and the interrelationship between the hands, would use a variety of things to contact. Unsuccessful hand was that most of the place was the same, a small part of the comparison was also thousands of times the shape, the lack of shock, and perhaps some of the smaller things could study more thoroughly.

What might you do differently next time?

The next collection If I had a better idea of myself, I would re-collect and re-study. Perhaps the collection of hands was not too successful, hands, after all, was a larger object, and some thousands of times, in-depth study would be more difficult, it made me very upset.

2 Oct.



Fashion & Textiles, Your Data

Have you changed your perception of what textiles is?

--If so,in what way?

In my opinion, the fabric on the printing should be to have some regular and to fully meet the theme. Today heard this lesson, I knew the choice of fabric can be a variety of, for a point of thinking may not be violated. Printing can also be very bold to do, sometimes with a shocking printing more eye-catching, not a regular printing will be accepted by the market.

The teachers in the teaching of different ways to let me feel the different fabrics, different printing methods, but also let me change the previous inherent thinking.

What are the benefits of working in pairs/collaborating together?

A person to do by himself only can get their own ideas. But with others,l can discuss with each other,  improving my own ideas and at the same time,it can also give each other inspiration. I think the biggest advantage of cooperation is the exchange, communication, whether at any time have a great effect.

Describe your thoughts on the processes introduced today.

Today, our teacher first let us draw the things, and the team completed by a variety of materials to describe our things with the painting works, with a small box to cut our favorite blocks to form a piece of fabric. And then using light to project to see if it needs to be adjusted.

In the course of learning, I thought about how to draw good and shocking graphics in a very short time, and had a theme of my own thinking.From today's process I got a lot of knowledge about the fabric, and also know how to communicate with others.

26th Sep.



How could ASD influence your present interests?

I thought it affects me a lot. For me, since childhood I like architectural design, from the design process I could feel the deep happiness. Drawing drawings, internal or external structure, interior design, including what kind of material, I would do my best to design it more perfect. Because of the period of cultural studies, let me interrupt the study of architectural design, and now re-contact, it is still deeply affected my interest. I particularly like to look at a variety of buildings, study a variety of design drawings.

How could you reuse the project from today?

I would see a lot of information and excellent architectural works, so I have improved in all aspects. Today's project was actually not very satisfied with me, due to time constraints, I could not consider very carefully, resulting in something that was not what I want. If I reuse the project today, I would improve the efficiency, first a few minutes to think about the approximate structure. Today and other groups of cooperation was very happy, we were very hard, there were many novel ideas. I hoped that next time I could quickly find the entry point of the theme.

Today I did this simple building external structure from what I wanted an external irregular graphics, and could have multiple support points. I thought this could give people a visual strong conflict, giving people a shock. The roof of most rooms I would consider the full transparency, so that lighting and scenery would be very good, the first floor of the hall would be high and the stairs would use the rotary. Due to the irregularities of the outside, the interior of each room was also irregular, I would use a number of themes to arrange the room.

21st Sep.





I did this multi-functional chair to people's comfort and versatility, in reflection inside also wrote an introduction. I watched the work of other students, but also by a lot of inspiration, including the chair of the legs stretched or even massage or there were many electronic equipment installed inside.





What is the narrative (story) behind your idea?How does it link to the observations you made this morning?Can you describe it in 50 words?

(The reason why I designed the chair into such a shape was because I wanted to design this chair into a multi-functional.

I put a board in the middle of the chair because it could put things, both ends of the plate were equipped with cylindrical shape of the storage, the user could get things to reach. Behind the chair was a foldable shape of the board, the chair below the mat was a small drawer that could store the computer.)

I wanted to make a multi-functional chair. I had added a storage board locker on the chair, a round storage box for the user's reach, and a folding plywood behind the chair.


What is your usual approach to designing something?





I will first have a shape in the brain, want to design what look, and then in the design to expand and improve the finished product,and in the process I will produce new ideas and local optimization.And the most important thing is that l will first think about the users' comfort.

In the process of designing the product, my primary consideration is Human-centred, because the product is made to give people to use, so l first thought is to give priority to the user's comfort.Materials in the product design is also playing an important role, the material which is suitable for making excellent products. Because the vast majority of products is for people, so as much as possible the use of environmentally friendly products.In the concept, I will do the product which is suitable for the theme of this product, and to extend.Because now technology is developing quickly, to allow users to use the comfort, I will certainly consider doing something with scientific and technological content.

How do you start?

First of all,thinking about the theme of the relevant content, clearly know what l want to do is also a very important thing. I will first consider the most suitable solution for the users in the applicable material. How to make users comfortable and convenient to use has always been my first consideration.

How did your experience of the PDC area compare with your expectations?

For me, the product design is not the most suitable. But I can also get a lot of fun from doing the product design,and it is more interesting than l expected,design the products in many different ways is also interesting. 

19th Sep.





What are your thoughts on the JFFA pathway presentation?

I would like to learn about architectural design later.I like to have three-dimensional things, architecture is what I have always wanted to learn the subject. Thinking it needs to have a lot of skills, very challenging. At the same time, I usually also interested about the buildings, for different periods of the building has a simple study.

How did you find working at a fast pace,drawing up 30 ideas in 30 minutes?

I will spend five minutes thinking about where the parts need to be designed, and the rational allocation of the three words given.Different parts for a combination,drawing different kinds of the combination of painting will be much faster.

Did you work well with restrictive materials?

I do not think it's good. Because the material is limited, I can not express my meaning accurately, especially in this part of the goggles I would like to use the middle completely transparent, because the material is limited and can not be implemented. Especially the first two sides of the ground to the wire-like objects, I was originally wanted to use cloth to express the theme of the surrounding and protection. I am not satisfied with the final finished product, but I will continue to study and do my best to express my own ideas in limited material.

What was it like working to the body?

I think working on the body is a wonderful thing. It is not possible to do something particularly exaggerated because of the enforceability of the program at the same time. This is a test of a person's ability to think.

How will you improve/develop your final design?

I think I will do more rough, I will change from the details. If the time is longer, I will let the falling note more broken and flowing. I will use the scissors to cut the part of the note but do not fall off.

18 Sep.



'The Three Words'Project

The three words:





What were the benefits and challenges?

In my opinion, the biggest advantage of discussing this project with group members in the library was the exchange of ideas and new revelations from others' opinions. I remember my former teacher said to us 'some useless information for someone may be my own gold'. I thought the new challenge for me was more books, more information may cause me more confused,my own ideas might be disrupted by some works' authors.

How did you present the ideas to the group?Did they understand?

I wrote the words and pictures together to express to my team members, and told them the formation of my idea of ​​this process. Sometimes they did not understand, I could repeat the explanation or for another way to express.

What feedback did you get from your peers for your proposals?How did you decide on the final idea to take forward?

My group peers gave me advice and recommended a book to me,they suggested me that I had to consider the possibility of finished products. I changed my final plan, I thought this subject, the abstract form might be better than the figurative form, but also easier to implement the finished product.

How did you hope to explain your fine idea visually?

I would drew a lot of process plans, and next l would indicate my idea. At the same time I would take the form of collage to collect a variety of works presented.

What information did you want to show?What techniques did you use?

I want to be intuitive to show the affection of three-dimensional plane. I used a pencil, straw, plastic paper, single-sided adhesive, paint to do my best to express the effect.

How do you plan to develop the A2 presentation sheet?

I will pick the picture, and find the inspiration from the selected works for this subject. Modify the sketch, to find the most suitable idea can best reflect my own ideas to implement the program.

What did you learn today?How are you settling in so far?

I knew today how to combine the scattered elements together and did my best to use the plane to restore the ideal three-dimensional map.

l went to the library with my group members and discussed this project.I collected some books and found some useful information for my thoughts.A work of  Jacqueline Poncelet called Object'Against the Wall 'deeply shocked me, and there are some other works also benefited me.I learned a lot of knowledge.

13rd Sep.



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